What does it mean to be Full Stack & Unicorn in design/development?

The benefits of an expansive set

Full-Stack Designer

The significant benefit that we can bring as a Full-Stack Designer is understanding thinking and empathy. A designer who is familiar with product development and the design process knows the limits of product design. Therefore, you are more aware of what may or may not work in the design process. You have more realistic expectations even before you start designing, moving pixels, or writing code.

Full Stack Designer

Full-Stack Developer

A Full-Stack developer is a programmer with a high complete technical profile. He is in charge of handling each of the aspects related to the creation and maintenance of a web application. He knows well both the backend and the frontend, handles systems and how to understand, in addition to handling different operating systems and programming languages. It is an increasingly demanded and well-paid profile.

Full Stack Developer

But… what does it mean to be Unicorn?

The key to being a unique profile

Now, what if you are a Full Stack designer who immerses himself in the Full Stack developer? Or vice versa?

Unicorn Designer/Developer

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Ona Solani

Ona Solani

I’m a Unicorn profile. Design & Develop are my passion.